The author of this page is a Swedish citizen who – after 29 years in Switzerland – since 1997 lives in Slovenia (the home country of his wife) – now as a pensioner. He was born in Göteborg (Gothenburg) in 1938, studied electrical and electronic engineering in Sweden (master’s degree at Chalmers University of Technology) and later achieved a doctorate in medical engineering, having written a thesis [1] about plethysmography. He worked for the pharmaceutical and medical-engineering industry as an employee and in 1979 became a free-lance consultant for the dialysis industry (own one-man company Mediconsult in Basel, Switzerland). In 1994 he published the first comprehensive mathematical theory for mass transport in a hollow-fiber dialyzer (later extended to include the effect of ultrafiltration). Throughout his work for the industry he contributed to development, design and manufacturing techniques for hollow-fiber dialyzers. He has published a number of articles on various subjects in scientific magazines and a few chapters in books.





1. A Plethysmographic System with a Capacitive Displacement Transducer and Automatic Reset, Research Laboratory of Medical Electronics, Report 1:68, Chalmers' University of Technology, Göteborg, 1968.